The Door In The Tree

I went walking yesterday when it began to rain.
I pulled my coat around me but alas, it was in vain.
I heard a boom of thunder and my hands, they felt like ice.
I need shelter and some tea. Some cookies would be nice.
Lightening flashed so I ran faster than I thought I could,
When suddenly I found myself in a little wood.
I saw a tree, and ran to it but it was no better
For the branches were quite bare and I was only wetter.
Then I noticed a small door, right at the very base.
I gently knocked and was met by a tiny smiling face.
It was an itty bitty man--some might call him "wee,"
But I knew his heart was big when he said to me:
"Poor dear, Sir. Please do come in and dry yourself right off.
For if you don't you'll get a chill, perhaps a cold or cough."
But though I tried, I could not fit nor take shelter from the storm,
Though my big toe, I must admit, did get dry and warm.

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