The Door

I heard the door slam
As you walked out the door
Felt the stream of liquid emotion
Creep down the creases of my face
I heard the tires burn
As you fled the rocky driveway
For years I waited
At that door
To hear your knock
Just once more
2 years
3 years
8 years later
I am still sitting at the door
In hopes to hear even the slightest faint noise
Of your voice
A single time more
I wasted my childhood sitting on the floor
Waiting for my father
To knock on that door
The door remains silent
And my heart remains cold
Years and years later
I finally got off the floor
In realization
Your knock was nevr meant to be heard
Not a single time more
I was 4 years old the last time you touched that knob
Soon I will be in college
And gone will be the door
As I pack my bags to go
I remember the cry of the door as it squeaked
As I layed on my side and weeped for weeks
The door never opened
I never heard your knock
My childhood slipped by
With the ticking clock

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