The dove

In Christianity we use symbols for example the cross .... symbol you're a Christian. Lamb symbol for Christ. the dove .. symbol for the Holy Spirit.

The Bible uses different symbols for the Holy Spirit.

WHY? To Show- different marks /features of the Holy Spirit. the dove a symbol of the holy spirit in the Bible.

Why? 8- reasons.
1) dove is very clean in nature dove.. very clean bird and used ... Old Testament for sacrifices. Lesson Christians should live..clean lives eph; 29-32.

2) Dove.. very very gentle. Lesson as Christians submit to the Holy Spirit they will produce fruit. Gal5:16 Gal5:22-23.

3) constant in love.dove. ..keeps his eyes fixed on his mate .a dove always is protecting his mate.Lesson God has given counselor to be with us forever to love us watch over us forever.jn14:15-17.

4) the dove is very particular and its food it will not eat garbage it will not eat flesh it will not eat anything dead a dove eats only clean grain.Lesson Christians should only eat the word of God.ps12:6 ps19:7-11.

5) the dove is very Swift the wings of a dove are very powerful the wings of a dove give it strength and the dove can fly for hours a dove is quick while in flight and can Xscape almost any predator ps55:6-7. Lesson when we are weak with problems holy spirit is strong the holy spirit intercedes for us. Rom8:26.

6) the dove.. beautiful in plumage / feathers. at Sunset as doves fly upward their wings spread out catching the Sun the colors of a doves wings changed in color to gold silver and white.ps68:13 lesson Holy Spirit changes in it's Ministry to a Christian from Comfort to strength to love.

7) Dove is social inhabit doves always returns home to their family.Isa 60:8 lesson Christians should always seek fellowship with family of God HEB 10:25.

8. 8) dove is faithful to its mate forever if a dove mate dies dove never mates again they will coo themselves to death. Isa 59:11 lesson Holy Spirit never leaves a believer John chapter 14 verses 15 and 16.

Praying that this has blessed someone God is Able .

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