The Dove

A Dove none as so beautiful as she the dove was elegant and graceful and no other could compare as this particular dove there was something mysterious about this dove, she flew with such elegance’s and grace it was like watching an angel descend from the heaven’s ,, as this dove was the very definition of beauty my eyes could not gaze away from its heavenly and refine beauty it was as if I were in A trances by the dove beauty and its elegant’s ,, the dove movements were so refine and were so graceful as she would fly so beautifully in the winter breeze as I would gaze upon the dove I see A single feather falling from the heavens above as I watched this feather falling ever so gently upon the ground as the feather lie there upon the cold winter snow,, as I see its angelic glow its beauty is blinding for I have seen nothing as so beautiful as this feather as I gaze upon it I notices this was no ordinary feather but it was that of an angel that had descend from the heavens and had fallen upon the ground ever so gracefully as I gaze upon the feather as it lye there upon the ground noticed something beautiful about this feather it was ever so elegant it was as if I we’re gaze upon A goddess as I look upon the feather beauty I could not revert my gaze it was as if I were blinded by its beauty this was I could not describe it was unlike any other it was pure and elegant,, It was breathtaking unlike any other she was pure and good as if She were standing before me was in awe of her beauty... as though in A flash she vanished ascending Into the heavens only to return home never to be seen again.

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