The Dragon

Cast upon the darkness abode,
I fear the dragon's eyes,
For they see what we cannot.
Thus, if someone dares
Venture into the dragon's lair,
They will find themselves
Among the dragon's snare.
For the dragon sees what
We humans cannot.

The moon is full, the wolves howl,
The people know no such hounds,
For the dragon seeks
What humans know not.

Can you hear the beating wings,
Or is that your beating heart?
Can you see the serpent eyes,
Or is that just some lights?
Can you feel the dragon's breath on your neck,
Or is it the icy winds from the west?

Dare you try to hide
From the dragon's eyes:
You may find
The dragon blind.
You strain and try with all your might,
But you find yourself trapped,
In the dragon's stare.

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