The Dragon

Beware the mighty Dragon's fiery breath
An unreal creature that can summon death
Blood red eyes that are made of icy cold
A body covered in scales of red, green and shiny gold
As the air fills the Dragons silken wings
It takes flight over castles of many kings
Immortal creature that glides alone at night
A unique shape silhouetted by the moon is a terrifying sight
Swooping upon high without a sound
A creature so fearsome it cannot be crowned
Flys into the unknown on delicate silver wings
A Dragon is cleaver and learns many things
The land below is bathed in cold moonlight
Soaring over craggy mountains that hide in the night
The dragon hunts down its human prey
A creature born of evil some people say
A flame of fire from its mouth does flow
The wizard knows of its menacing glow
To capture a Dragon is no mean feat
You have to withstand the intense heat
A dragon lives in our fantasy land
To see one for real that would be so grand.

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    A fantasy tale about the mighty Dragon