The Dread of Despair

My dread returned today,
Sweeping up dust of despairs once forgotten.
Lost in a maze of hopeless yesterdays,
Dredging the darkened waters of my soul,
I search for a sparkle, a twinkle of light,
A beacon to lead me from these murky shores of my heart,
A star to guide me thru the night and lead me to my dawn.
I fear the nothingness will return and envelope me once more.
I cower at the possibility of failures reborn,
A cringe at the purgatory I've escaped,
Escaped but grown to know all too well.
Will I soar in the skies of my youth once more,
Or be doomed to tread this path again to hell's door.

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This Poems Story

"The Dread of Despair" is part of a collection of poems I wrote that record my trials of faith throughout a critical two-year period in my life. The trials concern my belief in God and are mostly about the times in my life where questions arose as to whether my life would ever change for the better. My life has indeed now changed for the better, and the "beacon" I could barely make out at that time in my life has led me to a better life after all. Always keep hope. Always have faith.