The Dreadful One

Wind of lost can't be sought after not even in a net nor next passage. A mountain of straw with plastics rope breaking goat ate in. The throat tied around the waist can't be a hold.
I confess empty dumb founded a snowy gate of purple grapes with a sweet taste. Quick they grow when they ate me go as when.
I as a kid bullied most of my life away to source not great lately my passion brain damaged.

In a day wind weight circle around insane clown posse raised kill in May. I always try to pray never could do. The destruction in the wake during it makes to take breaks screw f everybody.
I do away indifferent table labeled here offer shade f in all grate. There is a planet death to place a higher standard on upon.

The human face doom of faith conduct disorderly slain to waste take away breaking the ice. There is a burden with chase to find a partner in crappy sloppy rock acid rap formed with grace.
Much of it when I passed away dead hippie smoked filled clinging to nothing. Just rushing for a job or paycheck yes time is fine by me. What can I say? The trailer trash her that in the projects that offer grass in dead thrash and bread back woods boy eggs.

I said real fill the sand not grand to hard earned money why? Then comprehend life's plan with a stance to buy anything.
Fell lead rest no success x checks bounce shed less than anything of the world not more than.
Soon can't tomb go away a thought of stupid h o s from birth was then end it? When the looking good turtle of hurt slowly asked? Who this is that Rheden That Crow?

To disdain everything filled by an ejaculation thrust my mind with pain to lead sing. If I ever come up stain touched a cause without was fame I never gained.

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This Poems Story

Seeking answers from nowhere to discover somewhere the purpose of being in existence with physical reality.