The Dream

I've often wondered at night while going through hell.
Was it me that the slaves seen ringing the freedom bell?
I'm bold, I'm strong, I'm a king I'm proud to be black.
I'm the dream of slaves with whip marks on their backs.
My for-fathers had chains on their necks and tears in there eyes.
Many nights the cried watching there brothers die.
They saw their own daughters and wives get rapped.
Were treated like apes, at night dreaming of ways to could escape.
From the cold world that treated them so wrong for so long.
They were beaten,pissed, and spit on.
misused and abused it seemed like their own people disowned them.
Cause nobody feed them when they were hungry.
And i don't see how they could take it.
Because master didn't clothed them when they were naked.
But they realized, there were no barriers that could hold them down.
They all were kings and queens and eventually they found their crown.
I'm the dream of slaves, the seed of kings and queens.
I'm a prince that's lost in a foreign land.
Nobody understands cause God built me different from every man.
I guess it's in God's plan for me too succeed.
Yes indeed I am the dream, dream of a gambler from Jasper, Alabama.
Who am I.
The sons and daughters of lynch mob victims that's lying in a casket.
I'm the dream of the middle passage.
Dream on people.

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