The Dream

We bite at one another,
Claiming discrimination and hate,
If this keeps going on,
Destruction is our fate.

Saying he said this, she did that
And blaming it on our pigment
Creating clouds blind rage
In our society of judgement.

Shit happens.
I won’t lie, not all of us are perfect.
You try to eliminate bad eggs,
With your “bend the knee” movement.

Before you know it, it’s working
And for that I give applause,
Until the dead get disrespected,
And to that I say PAUSE.

This idea you had,
It’s now all out of proportion,
It was meant to cure the hate,
But now it starts to worsen.

You feel mistreated,
And I respect your feelings,
But this has become more
Than an ethnic healing.

You mend a wound,
But create two more.
Before you know it,
We’re in a racial war.

When does it end?
Why did it start?
Everyone’s hating each other
And it’s breaking my heart.

I hope people realize,
Differences don’t matter,
And with this new state of mind,
We can start a new chapter.

One of love and respect,
No matter what color you are,
Wipe away everyone’s tears,
And heal their scars.

That’s the dream.
And I hope it comes true.
So life can be better,
For me, and for you.

But it’s still a problem.
It can’t be fixed overnight.
Only time is the remedy,
To fix people’s sight.

Just remember,
At the end of the day,
Even though we look different,
Our blood is the same.

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