The Dream

By Ara Moe   

Alone in my own mind, I again destroy the single key in order to secure my lone island of isolation.
I silently, slowly bleed from millions of tiny cuts, each one a shining brand of betrayal and agony.
Glass dust drifts, a freezing shower of the remnants of my resolve.

I sit motionless, watching my internal tears, drop lifelessly to the icy ground.
A ceaseless reminder of the endless torment that is empathy.
But it seems the time has come for me to awaken.

You, my one and only . . .

Push past the walls of tear-stained stone to claim what you know you desire.
To take what you have searched for, as your relentless journey merits my devotion.
Repair the fractured puzzle that is my heart, for you came here for affection, and what is love without challenge?

The task is yours, for I have fallen, my wings crumpled from the unfulfilled respite of endless pursuit.
The quarry? Belonging.
I raise my head as I plummet, but my desperate hope is dashed against the rocks of hardship, amid the swirling sea of reality, tantamount to death.

For I have exited my everlasting dream.
Once again wishing away temporary scars in a desperate attempt to procure an alternate fate.

No wonder the wound still bleeds.

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This Poems Story

This poem really means a lot to me as a poet and as a person in general. I took me about 3 months to write is it as I kept dropping it and returning to make minuscule changes here and there. This poem is about a person trying to recover from heartbreak. Towards the end, they start to have hope and believe they have another chance, only to realize the fantasy world they are in. Every time I read this poem, I get a bit sad, since I did use a few elements from my personal life to create it. I hope you enjoy.