The dream girl

I look up and see this girl.
My heart skips.
I can't think.
She is so beautiful.
I can't believe my eyes.

I make my way to her to talk.
She is mesmerizing.
We sit there looking into each other eyes.
We talk for what feels like days.
As I I sit there as I listing and cling to every word.
I'm falling for her.

We are now walking under the full moon.
Her hand in mine.
We look over the water to see the moon.
But I can't keep my eyes off her.
She is the most beautiful girl I have ever see.

I hold her in my arms.
Gazing at her beauty.
I place my hand on her check.
Slowly kiss her silky lips.
I have never tasted anything sweeter.

We sit cuddled by a fire.
My arm around her.
For I am now in love with her.
And we fall asleep.

Then I wake up.
Not know where I am.
I turn over and I'm alone.
For she was only a dream.

Shaun D. Weller

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