The Dream Keeper

When all is calm and everyone sleeps,
there is one who stirs, your dreams he keeps.

"Who is this man?" a person might ask.
"Is he a stalker, a friend, a brother, a foe?
Does he hide his face behind a mask,
or is his face a thing to show?"

Now some might say,
"Is he for my good?
Does he promise not to slay?
Or is this someone who, indeed, would
be sure to lead astray?"

To those who think the latter thought,
do not continue on in despair.
This man paid a price; it was you he bought.
For to you he shows mercy, love, and care.

When he walked the earth, oh the things he did
to show his eternal love for you.
Whether you're old with wrinkles or just a kid,
he'll always let his grace shine through.

So as you rest in bed, my sleeper,
know your life's held by the Dream Keeper.

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