The Dream

He walked into the courtyard, handsome and debonaire
He looked up to the balcony and saw her sitting there
He asked the waiter, "Who is she, so lovely and so fair?"
"The lady is from England," and he led him to a chair

She felt her heart apounding as she looked upon his face
His eyes seemed to be dancing and his movements filled with grace
The music started playing by the caballeros there
And he raised his eyes and asked her, "To dance, would you care?"

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This Poems Story

This poem was written after a dream I had, and it is what happened in the dream. I have since elongated it but know it would be too long to fit the requirements. I was born in England and came to America in 1960. I have written a variety of poems for my own enjoyment over the years. I self-published a children's Christmas tale book three years ago called Robot Horse in poetic form and it was illustrated. Eber & Wein published many years ago, my poem called "Breeze." It was more of what I would call, a nugget. I did buy your poetry book then. Thank you for your encouragement.