The Dreamer

Longing to know himself the dreamer slept,
His eyes had shut into darkness and void,
In that nothingness all things were kept,
Chaos dismantled as cosmos employed,

The cosmic egg was set to crack,
Night and day were split in two,
Harmony in opposites life did attract,
Paving way for a perspective new,

The universe was set into motion,
Beings populated planets whole,
Birthing beings with emotions,
Each contributing a dreamer role,

One billion two billion three and four,
Quickly they reproduced and multiplied,
Creating more worlds than ever before,
Stretching the barriers of collective mind,

The mind of the collective in itself saw,
"Each dreamer's but an aspect of me!",
This spark embraced it with the All,
Lucidly sighing away our illusive reality,

His world dissolved as he awoke with great force,
He pondered being the source of all dreamers before,
He wondered if he too is a dreamer of a same source,
A revelation which struck him into awaking once more.

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