The Dreamer of Dreams

The Dreamer of Dreams

The Dreamer comes to gather our desires making each a reality

They say beauty is within the eye of its beholder..
Two worlds we walk through the in between..

A kingdom of the Spirituality where all things are created first by a desire transfered to a thought

The Dreamer of Dreams so far away but yet so close together.

We take our memories holding them within .some forgotten some nearer we draw upon the ways of sight ..

What's the true meaning of reality
Self defense and hiding away

Dreamers walk in those places unseen steps to renew each heart felt desire learning from the past to the present

Secrets still drawn upon the Canvas our future what shall the end be

New doors to open from one memory to the next living with them

Dreamers walk through the process of moving into the eternal
Valleys.. ,mountains into beautiful Galleries

The Spirituality we have been longing to seeing the real you

Two worlds becoming one yesterday and today
Tomorrow is forever
One thought in time a portal of destiny set
Dreamers of the have and have nots..we meet others in the dream portals beyond bringing into the now

What we think what we feel what we see we have the power of the dream journal to change all things

Creating from the impossible to find the attachment
To the possible exception to the next find .

We live to die and die to live
Life is a circle we come back around a clock held in time

Dreamer of dreams the soul in flight one destiny to the next hold fast to your own for another's can become yours ..

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Our dreams in Spiritual places in the dream Realm