The Dreamer

The moon beckons him like a thousand fireflies
dancing on the water.
The synchronized rhythm of this festival of lights
crashes gently against the shore.
The wind brushes his hair,
brisk night air drifting silently through the waving trees.
Never getting to the point of becoming offensive,
just manifesting soothing serenity.

The river drags his mind through a maze of mystery,
like a sacred swimming serpent.
She begs him to feel her
all around him as he floats to his undisclosed Heaven.

The trees whisper his name,
but they are not speaking to him...
only conversing amongst themselves.
Their leaves slowly dancing to the silent melody
emanating from his soul and into their lives.

The fish jumps, the frog chirps and the cricket sings a lullaby.
The clouds grow weary and come to lay on the ground.
The world awaits the sun to awaken from its brief slumber,
dreaming only of the dreamer
that sleeps in its midst.

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