The Drift

I felt the drift
Like a current carrying you away from
"Shh"... I said...trusting what we'd built
My eyes I closed, my ears I covered
Trying to stay safe from the cracks that had begun to form
Every day another small fracture on my heart
Then occasionally some reassurance
A bit of laughter and affection
Akin to... reminiscent of our younger love
I lied, even when your eyes and hands told the truth
I lied in our bed, and to myself in the mirror
Pretending that I just looked tired, not broken
The clock ticking like heavy footsteps on a hospital floor
Thinking if I'd paid attention sooner
Then maybe
But the footsteps were there
With clear instructions "do not resuscitate"... your wish
And I couldn't help but put my hands on your heart
Trying desperately to pump it for love
Flat lined
You had drifted too far...while I was lying

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