The Durable Ship

The ship was originally built well, but over time, people tried to destroy it. They threw things at it, they kicked it, they stabbed holes in it, and anything else they could think of, trying to make the boat sink. Water did start to leak into the boat, so the captain quickly gathered whatever she could find to patch the holes and keep the boat afloat. She found things she could stuff in the holes, but it only slowed the flow of water. She tried hammering boards and sheets of metal over the holes, but while she was doing this, people were destroying other areas of the boat, filling it with more water.
People were putting holes in the boat faster than she could repair them and it nearly sank. To distract herself from those holes, she stabbed a new hole out of anger. Someone saw the boat sinking and pulled it out of the water just before it became completely submerged and the captain was sent to classes to teach her how to repair the boat. It took a lot of work, and the boat nearly sank a few more times, but she learned how to fix the bigger holes, allowing the boat to stay in the water a little longer before becoming completely submerged.
After that, she met with teachers individually who helped her learn how to fix the smaller holes. A lot of those teachers were very helpful, but there were still a few holes that she struggled to repair. The holes weren’t big enough to sink the boat, but they still allowed enough water in to make the floor of the ship wet, distracting the captain from her other responsibilities.
The passengers on the ship acted like she wasn’t trying to fix the holes. They said she was focusing on being upset about the holes instead of trying to fix them. She tried to explain that she wasn’t, but they wouldn’t listen. They told her to be positive because these holes at least weren’t sinking the ship. They said learn how to swim, as there would be no need to worry about the holes then, but they had never had to swim in stormy waters. They didn’t understand how exhausting it is to swim in a tsunami.

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This Poems Story

This poem describes my battle with depression and anxiety. The captain is me and teachers represent therapists who have taught me coping skills.