When the dynamite of heaven in a dew season exploded,the sleeping heart and a careless soul must awake.
It may never be too far less you concieve deceit and raze your soul.

Religion or tribe in Israel never a ticket to safe.
Prangs and holier-than-thou detest.
God never a man to test, careful less you fall.

Watch and pray, warning to adhere.
If it wasn't so, Christ never to come.
Tortured stake was hard to bear but because he love and care,a nail iron crown to wear.

Honour the cross of Calvary if your soul want to save.
Him the last hope!
And no second chance if quietus call in stray.

Procrastination,oh such a terrible sting.
he never advise for good and never you want to save.
Listen now to the crying voice of reasoning, salvation you calling!.

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The Lord\'s day coming like unannounced thief in the night. God and his Son and the saint fighters will no sinner tolerate. It will be a day of wailing, regreating and dying. God doesn\'t want anyone destroyed that\'s why Jesus was sent. We\'re call to repentance without procrastination less we miss life and suffer lost.