The earth’s decor

Doesn’t the night just bring you so much peace?

Looking up seeing all the lights twinkle ever so bright,

almost as if you're looking directly into a piece of space.

When you’re looking into the sky you know everything will be alright,

or it’ll just simply clear your mind.

Just the fact something so dark can have so much light to it is so wild.

If you don’t agree you must be blind.

It’s almost as if it was personally styled.

Seeing the twinkling stars and the big bright moon makes your eyes glow,

but do you know what people say about a shooting star?

Make a wish, keep it safe, and let it go,

but don’t we all just wish we could keep one in a jar.

I suggest if you haven’t seen it before,

Go out and look at the earth's beautiful décor.

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