The edge

I get closer to the edge of my sanity with each passing day.
Provoking my insecurities, they slap me in the face.
Watching the world pass me by, they all leave me behind.
Left alone with the agony and confessions of my mind.
I'm burdened with this hating heart and it's negative effect.
The pain surges through my veins, it's something i expect.
I pulled together what's left ofme, hold my head up high.
Can't let them discover the fact that i would rather die.
I portray a stranger, greet them with a smile.
The beast within my soul is raging all the while.
Turn away don't let them see the shame that's on my face.
Can't believe I fell so far into the cold dark place.
I hope someday I'll rise above and finally start to live.
And hopefully what's left of me will be worth enough to give.

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