The Ego, Be Aware Of Me

I draw the last breath from your body
and watch in absolute delight
as you dwindle into the shadows,
I become your sole confidant
whispering to you since birth
I am the parasite that sucks your innate knowledge
replacing it with a testimony of untruths,
you diminish in stature whilst I, your nemesis
become your hero whom you worship adoringly,
I am the ego be aware of me
bring me your afflictions
I multiply them tenfold,
your reality, sense of self and I
make an unholy alliance
enslaving you to mind
pleasure me and I fill you with self worth
then turn it against you
as the loathsome feeling of vanity
i am. beauty
when looked at through Third eye
mirrors ugliness impossible to wash away
I am the beast driving you to madness
believe in me and live hell here on earth
rid yourself of me
be blessed with eternal life
the ego, be aware of me. I stain your soul

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