The Embers At My Feet

An inferno put out by a stream of my strongest tears. I've been alive for many years, but I've been a slave for every day of it. A tool, moving about my duties with utmost elegance. Vibrant smiles fail to fill the darkest room. Ignoring the elephant, like all things sad, are irrelevant. Corrupted by the popular element. Coupled with the demon of unfelt ecstasy. It haunts my head and incapacitates the rest of me. Infinity looming on top of every second I stay with the living. A crowd, I must admit, I am not comfortable with. A caliber of weaponry that could kill a man and an army. Biting the bullet with my name carved on the side. The truth is the hardest to face, so, I turn my back and relax in a space of creative escape. Outrageous excursions, calling fate's bluff. A bonafide believer in my time, whenever it may come. Be it by storm, or bump in the night.

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