The Emerald of Siam, Winter

The Emerald of Siam, Winter
by Adolf Isabella Klein

she tilted her head,
blinked slowly.
her eyes in their sleepy,
languid lids a light.
grinning madly,
,ear to ear,
she looked sideways at the young man across from her.
the overall effect was charming.
“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved
,in secret,
between the shadow and the soul”.
“what?”, he was perplexed.
she leaned closer.
he hoped she would fall into him.
“Pablo Neruda.”
“what’s your favorite color?”
the young kitsch painter replied,
,asked the enchantress
“there is this thing called a gray scale and.”
she interrupted.
“I read that people who like the color gray isolate”,
her gaze fell into his face
and she saw the truth.
it was laying right there
in his lovely epicanthic eyes.
“can I paint you?”

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