The Emotional Pain Makes a Wrong Turn

Pushing against my chest, you are all around me
A depression that became worse at puberty
This time it was impossible to get over this stump
I, Jordan, was nineteen when I decided to make that jump
Everyone saw my life as a happy cruise
Yet, my insides and feelings felt bruised
I was the last person they thought would take a life
Little did they know my happiness had been cut with a knife
Casey, a girl of sadness, also tried to escape her thoughts
Controlling her symptoms was something that could not be fought
Her emotions led her to create physical pain
Just as some people do to feel sane;
They pick up a razor to make a slice
It's a form of self-mutilation, that to them feels nice
People do not appreciate that the medicine changes lives
A little pill lets me do the tasks that make me thrive
Signs of depression are longer than a week
It is a mentality that leads to death if it reaches its peak
Two million teenagers suffer from clinical depression
It is a form of sadness that leads to aggression
So, don't hesitate to smile to someone, even if their mood is crappy
Because for that moment in time you probably just made them happy

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