The Emptiness of Space

Why marvel at the emptiness of space?
It's full of tiny particles
Energetic entities
Bouncing, jumbling, interacting

Nothing's truly empty
But each tiny area
of tiny
itty bitty
undetectable parts

And the summation of those parts?
My God! The possibilities!
How they connect,
How they combine, intertwine.
Each thing new
and wholly different
Yet made from everything
that was once the same.

Can you fathom
a little quark of thought?
Can you pull on the string
in the theory?

And time.
My God! The time!
Where does it go,
if it never existed?

Merely a measurement of the change in matter
But does it matter?
It's how we understand it.

But how much more
we cannot comprehend.
Can time move backwards?
No..... Matter can't unchange.
It can only (possibly) change again to it's prior form.
Can an inch be an anti-inch? Can it exist in the negative?
Because you measure it backwards, from the start of your ruler?
You just aren't measuring right
Not thinking right
Because you are confining yourself
To the seeming solidity
of the abstract

And that's the fact
That the abstract
And always will be
to new interpretation
and new understanding
when information (data!)
is correctly, and uniformly discovered
and not bent to the will
of egos
and agendas
and misconstrued perceptions
which (many times unwittingly)
feed mans basest nature
which manifests
in the need to know that he is "right"

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