Nightmare Dreams

It's pure darkness all around, nothing moves or makes a sound,
I feel the shadows duck and hide, slowly showing there darker side
I cant even see a single beam, or a ray of light inside this dream
I stumble over lifeless mounds, and shutter at there tortured sounds
I find myself all but lost, the chilling earth cold with frost
I felt the darkness from the ground, thats when i heard those horried sounds
Now I'm running through the night, towards a faint but glowing light
I hear the evil drawing near, still running blind and filled with fear
Then i see it just ahead, shinning bright upon the dead
A door to wake me it would seem, and free me from this nightmare dream
though when i reach for the door, darkness grabbed my hand and torn
A grib like fire but cold like ice, this evil wanted me here tonight
so now trapped i shall remain, until the door appears again
For dreams sometimes can take a hold, and nightmarish ones can take your soul

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This Poems Story

Being trapped in your deepest nightmare