The Empty Frame

Once in a dream I saw Jesus, sitting and giving
people gifts everyone was fighting for
Those that were not her's or his.
He looks at me and gave me a smile then handed to me my gift
from the top of the pile.
I opened it carefully, but to my surprise,
it was a picture frame with nothing inside.
As I looked closer things started to appear, like a movie film,
of all things so dear. Only I could see the things that
ram from frame to frame. No one else could see them, as each picture
came. The first was my sister as beautiful as she could be,
it made me smile as she smiled at me.The next was a jar of
buttons, colors and shapes of all kinds, to anyone else this is
nothing, but was a love of mine. Looking thru the buttons like
squirrels with acorns about, they were precious
to me no doubt. Tthe next frame was my grandpa Lusch, but i could
barely see, it all went by so fast, he was so loving to me.
The next it was my grandpa Davis,sitting upon a horse, he was a
rodeo rider, so it looked so natural of course.
The last one was a funny thing, a drawer full of junk, showing
wooden spools and beads, and all kinds of my childhood stuff.
I have been sad lately,so i know that in my dream
God was showing to me , things i loved in my life,
memories just to please me.

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