The Empty Shell

This empty shell
I carry to hell
Like the rain
My tears fell
This my life
In a nutshell

Enough I have fought
So I tie this knot
Make my noose
Sure it not be loose
Grab a chair in haste
Put my noose in place

I have no care
But do I dare?
Kick this chair
Or dare
To live in despair
For others take care
To me let them bare
This pain I will never share
To be life's punching bag
How is this fair?

My decision intact
This my final act
With the Devil I make pact
To this world I am abstract
I am no addition
So like a magician
This my vanishing act
Kick the chair and all will be fact...

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This Poems Story

In a time of great depression I was thought my only way out was to hang myself, it was a turning point in my life that made me realize that focusing on the good in my life out weighed the negative.