The empty vase

An empty vase on the counter
reminds you of the beautiful lilies that bloomed one summer...
but time quickly passed and the petals began to wilt and fall..
they withered away but their beauty was the greatest gift of all.
to have them and appreciate them through their precious moments alive,
is a memory so special it cannot be defined.
hold on to the memories of brightened days and fragrant nights,
of when the beautiful lilies surrounded you and made everything feel right.
The empty vase is just a vase,
but the memories are the beauty that once held its place.
Fill it with beauty and precious memories once more,
for you will always have an empty vase filled with the memories you adored.

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This Poems Story

This piece is about our memories of people we loved. Being able to move on after tragedy by living through the memories of them is somewhat comforting. This is part two of "The sound of a wilted Lily"