The Empty Vow

The voices hover in the street
Of people I have yet to meet
But I'll wander when it's late at night
When the neighbors have turned off their lights
That is when I'll show my face
To me, only me, my own delight

There's youth, there's vibrancy, light and grace
That settles behind a pleasing face
But there's always more bright and beautiful and bold,
While I learn to fit their mold
But beauty is as beauty knows
The empty vow that no one holds

So I will soften my voice to a whisper
And wring my hands until they blister
I'm scared the words I say will drown
I'm scared to even make a sound

So I hold my tongue and walk outside
To a night that's dark and dreary-eyed
Sick of wearing its cool blue shade
When it knows it's a glistening imperial jade
And I will walk alone and afraid
Not of ghosts or ghouls or leering imps
But of the monster I have made

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