The End

By Brown11   

Sweat pours, like the waters off a cliff of a ended shore.

Heads sore from the pounding vessels deep within my core.

Whats this encore, as if I stepped away form a performance I never performed before

Headed for the door, as I take a step I felt it klept me, faintly my spirt starts to desends from me.

This ain't me, can't be the last that you see of me, please don't take me. I still got so much air to breathe, family, friends and life to see.

What do you mean it's gonna end so endlessly.

Forgive me if I've done you any harm, what ever it is I did so wrong, I know this is a place is a place I don't belong.

Let the tears that I cry , from my tired eyes, show the peacefulness of a short lived life.

As my once lived shadow hovers over the ones I leave behind.

Remember me for who I was, when you were once mine oh sweet time.

It's evidently clear, the voices that I hear slowly begin to disappear..

My Pluse slows down my last breath is near slowly air fills my lungs while the End is here.

And original poem

-Gary Brown.

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