The End

Nevermore does the sun rise, radiant above the river,
Even throughout summer, we shake and shiver.
Vehemently remorseful, for gutting our giver

Confusion to chaos, I am my only guide,
Despair breathes at night, but does not sleep in the daylight.
This self-inflicted anguish; hate lingers in our liver,
For what has put an end, to the sun above the river.

Melancholy envelopes me, mixing mournful emotions,
Only nightmares fill my slumber, dealing a mental demotion.
Reality I choose to neglect, not a caring notion,
Eerie silence surrounds my origin, a place I share with no one.

Behavior remains dreary - my descendants are dying.
Razed cities are left in fragments; singed, and shattered,
Internal rain has washed away, all hope of help arriving,
Satanic aircrafts scream above, there is no chance of thriving,
Drying up, is everything green, my final concern is surviving.
The forest has deserted us, our land desolate, barren,
No howls or chirps have touched my ears,
Charred leaves rustle in front of me.
Endless darkness has an unearthly feel, supernatural and vast,
A black cage without boundaries, I cannot escape what is infinite,
Self-termination has become common, sanity is altering.
Sadness and sorrow now hold me against death, I pray for one thing;
A beginning.

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