The End

This world's heading towards its end.
I tend to believe the signs.
Small minds are blinded, binded to there own designs.
I'm not saying I think it's happening tomorrow, but I'm getting my affairs in order.
A world that's steadily deteriorating, fading, morality is a fallacy.
Integrity is a forgotten word.
The good Word has been forgotten, mocked, blasphemy, consistently.
Harassing the Godly.
All I can say is are you willing to risk eternity?
Perfectly this world was created, and perfectly it will be destroyed.
Sad to say but I yearn for day!
I hate this life.
The older Ive gotten the more the world's steady rotting.
Evil minions plotting.
I'm ready, steady waiting.
No more playing games, with fake lames.
Whorish dames, I'd be ashamed to be seen with.
So I'm praying for Armageddon.
I'm sick of my sickness, nobody has a conscience.
That will have consequence for eternity.
I'm sick of this life.
I wanna sit on top of a mountain, and enjoy watching it stop.
No more pain, no more pain.
I'll no longer have blame.
Finally be rid of this guilt, and shame that I'm ashamed of.
So I'll be looking forward to that day.
Away we go!

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This Poems Story

Really frustrated with life when this was written. Feeling like my whole life has been a waist and always painful.