The End?

God put this pen in my hand
“Here, make poetry out of your pain”
Said The Almighty
The heart of God is creative
As His Power shines through these words
Holding Universes, Holding Worlds
Like a crown of stars dancing around dead leaves,
The Holy Spirit roams softly
Bounce up and down
To see Life move
A motion-picture making Love to fate
Each life is an in-progress movie
Be dedicated and keep going
As if you’re fear and loathing in Las Vegas,
You can’t stop here; this is bat country!
The pain was not meant to be your ending
God makes Universes with one poem
Think what He can do with your Life!
Stars paint buttons in the skies
Push one to find the purposes
Your heart has all the answers
But the Universe still likes to be included
In your introspections…dreams…and intentions
A confused lover, the Universe gets lonely
Honor thy remaining life and thy ancient stardust
Angels dance in the skies
Always being there to whisper God’s secrets

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