The End

You're finally free from what broke you into pieces
You will never forget the way you were treated
But with everything being so fresh and new
Everything stopping cold turkey, there's no one but you
The feeling of loneliness creeps around the corner
As the night comes, fear stops you from moving forward
You try talking to a close friend to relieve the pain
Or listen to music but that drives you insane
Every song that plays reminds you of what used to be
Your head hurts, heart pounding, steady worrying about
what's happening
It's already midnight and you've got work
in the morning
You start to drown in your tears, try taking deep
breaths to stop the crying
You're happy it ended but why are you hurting
Emotions run so deep it starts to get sickening
You call out of work
You're home alone so no one's concerned
Seems like the perfect day to sleep
You came across some info and your thoughts became
The shadows in your mind
Starts your decision to end time
And you bring it to life

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