The end is here

Well! It’s an end to our story
Soothing to recall I say, and you call it scary
Could have been me this time, as always
Mistook love for resentment your eyes carry
This feeble heart wills to give up
But will these roads,
That once conspired for our togetherness surrender!
How do I tell these crossroads, that ‘The End Is Here’

I can’t express how happy I am, when with you
Cupid’s arrow is nothing to the spark your eyes threw
The smell of your hair, a gust of wind will diffuse
I’d fetch that smell if there were any tricks I knew
Yes! I am absolutely fine during the day
but are these sleepless nights,
That once weaved dreams, ready to hear!
How do I convince them that ‘The End Is Here’

I am discontent with my fate being biased
For conspiring against me with her, forming an alliance
Making me fall in love for her gentle smile, in a snap
But not making her stop, garbling my silence
I choose to forgive my fate, as it has always been mine
But what do I do with something,
That was never mine to endear
You may leave while I console myself ‘The End is Here’

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