The End Is Near

There is a place overflowing with mercy and grace.
If you just allow God in your heart just enough space.
Don't you feel that when it comes time to,
you will be so relieved to see God's face?
Your life has been nothing but sadness and tears.
Feeling your heart break year after year,
don't you see that he shares in our pain?
All he has been waiting for is you to call on his name.
Because he died already just so that you could live
this great life he intended to give.
He paid the full price and showed us the way.
But he will not make us love him if we should stray.
He does what he can to still keep us safe,
in the hopes that one day we will turn back to our faith.
Fall to your knees and flat on your face.
Confess your sins before it's too late.
Because while you have been living in all of your sin,
The seconds kept ticking, the clock never ends.
It keeps going around and around.
But eventually all the sand will run down.
Your hourglass is done, time will run out.
Jesus's face is what you should seek out.
He will save your soul without a doubt.

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