The end of a friendshit...

tick-tok tick-tok time is passing by
sometimes i wish i rather live high
fuck the bullshit, am I right?
Friends are supposed to be tight
A close relationship like bonnie and clyde
someone you can trust
but got me feeling like I want to pull the glock
We were just little when we first met around the block
expect the unexpected - coming at me all rejected
we used to be connected - until your mind got all infected
hush! no sound, let me speak to clear my mind
i rather put all this drama behind
but you rather close up the blind
no sunshine, just a rainy day maybe a faded rainbow
our smile don't even glow, even with the pot full of gold
instead of us growing - we are falling apart
everything feels the same, like is nothing but a game
lets stop and rewind where it was our first start
talk and lies is all i hear
i try to put us together is not even close to be clear
friendship was supposed to be a beautiful thing
you call me fake , trust me all this i can take
don't you worry this is a brake or maybe a good-bye
moving forward is my choice ,but I promise you I wont cry
our foot prints will be gone, no track of us going back
my heart will rather be living lonely and black
this will just be a memory of our past and might be forever our last...


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