The End of a Journey

Through ups and downs, directions and detours
This journey went on for a long, long time.
But just as every other one, it has come to an end;
And the end it is, to which I dedicate this rhyme.

Carrying the torch, charging through the way,
I fell in love with the path, and the people I met.
But as my journey ends, it begins for someone else.
And so I pass the torch, on to the next cadet.

One would say, that if you've been running for long,
It would be a relief to stop, get time to unwind.
But to them I have to say, oh how wrong you are!
For running is the only thing that now comes to mind.

I used to like the rush, and the chaos all around;
But all I have now is the silence that follows.
And each time this silence reminds me of the end,
My mind seems empty and my heart feels hollow.

Now the world has this invariable way it works:
One journey ends, a new one begins to unfold.
But even then, if there is one thing I'm sure of,
It's the love for this one will never get old.

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