The End of Chernobyl

It was a normal day when Chernobyl fell apart.
An invisible, suffocating poison ran deep into the town's heart.
Few saw it happen, and few knew to leave
So the rest were left to breathe in death.

The reactor erupted in fire, a plume of smoke that was rising high.
Two workers were killed that day, but these would be
The first of hundreds, who would soon be free.

Thousands stayed without fear, for they knew nothing at all
As the government concealed the dangers of Chernobyl.
People were exposed to radiation as children played in contamination,
Never knowing the dangers to come.

This deadly act that they tried to hide,
Would soon be obvious throughout their lives.
Plants would die and animals would become sick.
Thyroid cancer would become a trend.

Now it is left mostly abandoned, a grave of memories from those
Who will never come back home again.
A Ferris wheel that will never move,
Dolls laying in mounds of deadly dirt,
Firefighter uniforms laying in a den,
Where many gave their life to defend
The town of Chernobyl.

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