The endless event called regret

Pending, loading
Buffering, waiting
Pausing just to put it on replay
Over and over, every mistake
There's only so much that I can take
Hear it, see it
Dream that it's gone
Try to remember what you did wrong
Remember your action, remember your fault
Your brain is on replay
There is no pause... there is no pause... there is no-
Echoes sounding, whispers heard
Spread like plague, gossipers
Hear your name, hear the lies
Twisted till your tongue is tied
Press play for the torture, it's your only reaction
Press stop to end it, stop the madness
Impulse infecting, it's a bug in your brain
Telling you what you thought was insane
Pick it apart, every move, every flaw
Pick it like skin, until it's all raw
Press repeat if you dare, it makes no difference
Still you hear it, this time you listen
Figurative action, it plays again on it's own
But you pressed that button, it's in your control

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