The Enemy

In part of without they took the take charge,
separate of an outer friend,
in that way a shade to a harmful enemy,
few to a rarity to disassemble love away,
persons, as well, with no possessions honed
that isn’t an open chewing of a friend,
or that settles their devil taken void,
a way without— over a letting go of a hate for no reason,
leaving alone a voids nothingness,
without a sure thing, and a final extinguishing that isn’t happiness, as it follows this out of safety.

Necessarily, there is a disassembly of the numb to respect
they haven’t a way to avoid the light to win,
with only now,
knowing they give out of warm-heartedness
that excludes repairing order out of one,
out of truth,
in tact,
and are as inner friends that never leave the inside,
as few to absence,
that does not lose self drive under this friendship,
that isn’t of life’s such fortunate consistencies.

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