The Enslaved Mentality

By Tk Ware   

As a man think, so is he
So one may say that life is the summary of our thoughts,
Only in this arena can we choose the battle and its outcome.
We can accept defeat as a challenge toward victory,
As we embrace challenges and grow through them.
They add cubits to our statue of knowledge.
With unlimited possibilities we can achieve any possibiity,
Through education we obtain a sense of mental achievement,
Equipping us with the fortitude to articulate without measure.
It enhances our vocabulary and thwarts the lingo of reproach,
Respectful to our women as we respect ourselves,
And avoiding derogatory language that tears individuals down
We destroy one another with words of slang
Our greatest weapon is our mind,
We must obtain the knowledge to equip us with intelligence,
That is shunned by some and ignored by others.
There is a label within society that controls by perception
It is our time to STAND
And to prove that we are as good as any other man-
And what separates us from the mass minority,
Is that we take this journey not alone, but with given authority.

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