The Entrance

Long bleek halls
Lights flicker and roaches in abundance
Inhabit the cracks in the cold, grey, cement walls
Walking aimlessly
Observing the deteriorating minds of my fellow
“Psychopaths” and “Sociopaths”
I am not like those mistreated
Misunderstood Creatures
The walking dead could comprehend more than these
Moaning, groaning, lifeless, abandoned children
Guards posted to curb my “reckless” behavior
The only thing they do is neglect
How did I end up here?
I can’t recall, the blackouts are too intense now
I am told a vivid story of how my presence in this Hell came to be
They say my repression of feeling and escape by Mary Jane
Cause so much stress
My mind left my body
I was no longer in control
They say the mansion atop of the hill was my obsession’s abode
I did not take by force, it was given to me
I was told she died by my hands but I don’t recall any
Soft kiss and warm embrace
The genuine smile on a lover’s face
Only a facade
I was also told I had been previously deceived by Love
The result,
Bulletholes, scars, and rebellion against authority
However, bright red revenge just may be better than somber, monotone gray

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