Delicate, is her satin skin
Fragile, akin to porcelain
Ivy leaves entwine themselves
In and amongst her flowing curls
As scarlet ringlets fall into place
Framing this picture perfect face

Under candles’ light her cinnabar lips
Glisten with sorrow for a teardrop drips
From emerald eyes, as the noxious lies
Label this beauty ‘Poison Oak’ in disguise

Such impudence staged in song and dance
Voiced by the vicious, malicious assailants
While these chants are sung by the vindictive ones
Vengeful desires flow from venomous tongues

Years of taunting had now tainted her soul
Until one day ‘Ivy’ could take no more
Yet instead of accepting the devilish role
Of a ‘Poisonous Oak’ they all hoped would soon fall
She embraced the trees that surrounded her; tall
Entwining and climbing, creating a wall
Where she could no longer hear toxic names being called.

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