The Epic Hero the Epic Victor

I thought I understood happiness
I mean
I found peace and an odd sense of beauty from my own solitude.
I loved the quiet rattling in my mind that only I understood.
That was until you.

After you?
Solitude was nothing.
Just a broken place I went to hide while you were away.
The tranquility of my sanctuary was now simply madness
Solitude became ugly and too lonely.

You Broke the locks of my mind and engulfed into my darkness
I needed your smile to illuminate the obscurity of my mind.
And I craved your laugh.
I needed your laugh.
It drowned out the cacophonous sounds of the rattling in my head.
You showed me what true harmony was.

I wanted your recklessness.
Running ravage around my mind.
But somehow in the most beautiful of disastrous of ways.
You made the vacation of solitude seem like a death sentence.
I stopped holding my breath in a room full of air.
Solitude that was once so spacious and free
Was now suffocating and unfulfilling.
Somehow, you made you seem like nirvana.

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