The Epidemic of Self Beauty

I am I
And you are you
It makes sense right?
Not grammatically however,
But in a sense of well being.

Beauty is seen in everyone
Everyone that is their self
that is, so now it does make
Sense, I am I and you are you.
But when I am you and you am I
It doesn't make sense, where is the
Beauty in thy self?

Has it been forgotten?
Has it vanished into thin air?
No! It is simple, one simply does
Not believe in thy own beauty
Anymore. It is like a plague,
Wanting to become someone else
Other than themselves.

What has society come to?
A model image of perfection?
Being thy own self is the key
To beauty, being a clone is
Like being a master lock with
No key, be thy own self and
Start an epidemic, call it,
"The Beauty in thy own self"

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