“The essence of a man”

The essence of a man
is not easily defined
do we measure the heart
or the strength of his mind
do we merit his achievements
as notches on a belt
or the ability to overcome
a bad hand that was dealt
do we add up his sins
and the mistakes that he's made
do we calculate his possession
or how much he gets paid
does he look to the heavens
when life's to much to bear
does he pray out for mercy
when he's afraid, when he's scared
does he provide for his family
or give hope to those lost
does he fight for his beliefs
no matter the cost
is his heart filled with love
that is freely given to all
when push come to shove
is he able to stand tall
so how can we define
the essence of a man
that judgment belongs to God
for He's the only one who can.

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